El Lugar Resort | An Eco Resort & National Park

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The Experience

The moment you take your first step on the untouched piece of land called El Lugar, you will be able to sense the presence, aliveness, and contribution of this land. The difference in the vitality is in many ways palpable and it seems to invite us to truly come alive.

Would you like to come to experience the magic for yourself?

Take A Virtual Tour

Would you like to get a first sense of what El Lugar is like? Then take this short virtual visit, filmed by the crew currently working in Costa Rica.

Come & Visit

There is no better way of getting to experience the magic of El Lugar than visiting in person. We welcome you to explore it’s beauty on horseback, from a tractor or on a helicopter ride, always with a personal guide. We’re happy to put something together just for you or you can join one of our group adventures.

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Preserving the natural treasure that our earth has given us

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