Sustainable means it grows on its own. If we leave the planet on its own – it grows. If you leave a vacant lot of land unattended for a few weeks or up to two months it’s totally filled again – nature doesn’t believe in having nothing there, it believes in having everything there. We really need to look at how we could grow things if we didn’t interfere.
Gary Douglas

The Vision of El Lugar

The Property in Costa Rica

Located in Costa Rica approximately two hours northeast of San José airport in the northern lowlands (Heredia province), this property is 507 ha (1250 acres) of pristine, luscious and intensely nurturing land with access to 10’s of thousands more into the Braulio Carrillo National Park. All those who visit can acutely sense the change and presence this land has – different to any all over the world.

This difference in the vitality of the land is palpable, even though Costa Rica is extremely beautiful to begin with. El Lugar is traversed by the Puerto Veijo river near the Le Virgen district in the Sarapiqui canton. There are 2 plots, one on either side of the river.

The outline below is the boundaries of the land which will be El Lugar protected. It’s currently providing pasture for the cattle farm and is largely undeveloped. There are large tracts of undisturbed jungle teaming with wildlife which also back onto the National Reserve.

This plot is as yet untouched by the modern world and offers a unique opportunity to perceive and receive the power of nature in your body and being and the incredible contribution can it be to mankind. This is the land El Lugar has chosen to purchase because it is a perfect example of what the land can be when the people living there do not feel the need to use it or abuse it in any way.

Plot 2 is 150 hectares or 370 acres on the north side of the river, which is currently where the farm buildings and family homestead are located. This Plot will be purchased as a business venture to provide accommodations to those who visit El Lugar inline with the purpose of El Lugar.

The History of El Lugar

Claudia Cano was looking for a property. She visited around 100 properties within 1 week and was on her way to the airport when she received a phone call.

She was offered to visit another piece of Land that the owner was considering to selling but it was not in the market yet and if she would be interested to come and see it.

She turned and drove directly to the place. It was directly to another land she has seen before. The minute she got off the car? She perceived the land hugging her.

The energy was so totally different to what she saw and perceived before. It was so nurturing, she felt home. The land has such a kind, nurturing and amazing energy and she was sure that is the land she was looking for. After she was shown a big part of the land she called Gary Douglas and told him. By the energy of what both of them received it was a big YES.

This land has only been used for cattle breeding and farming for the last 80 yrs. Fertilizers have never been used on the farm.


There is still time to change the way we treat our planet. We all can make this choice today. We all can take actions that create a future that honors our planet and ensures that future generations will be able to enjoy it the same way we do –or, with a little luck, even more.
Gary Douglas

El Lugar is the beginning of teaching the world about the nurturance of the earth when you ask for contribution.


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